AUGUST prayer meeting announcement

Sunday, August 20, 2017 1:30 -2:40 pm (PDT) through conference call. See below


held on every first Sunday of the month (except January, July, August and September)

Preparing for the meeting

Those who want to participate should notify group coordinator (or email to at least two days in advance before the meeting. If a participant is new to the meeting, he or she needs to provide name and phone number so that group coordinator can connect the participant to the prayer meeting. The participant can join in the prayer individually if he or she desires, but will not be able to join the group prayer and would pray individually during the group prayer session. 

Before the meeting

Regular participants should expect to be called immediately prior to the start of the meeting by a group coordinator. Each group coordinator will call a number of different participants, effectively creating a group. This group, as a whole, will then be connected to the entire prayer meeting, allowing members to have their own separate group prayer after the united prayer service.

If the initial call does not go through, group coordinators will try to call again shortly thereafter. In the chance that a participant does not receive a connecting call, participants should call and connect directly to the prayer meeting.   

Meeting format

Prayer will be split into two stages: united prayer and group prayer.

During united prayer, several representatives will pray for all groups of participants involved. All participants will be able to listen to and pray with those representatives. Participant and group lines will be muted during this time, allowing the representatives to address and pray for the entire network.

Afterwards, group prayer will start. During this time, participants will be able to pray within their respective groups, with no audio transmission broadcast outside of the individual groups.

This process will virtually emulate praying first together as a large congregation and then breaking out into smaller prayer groups in separate rooms.

Immediately after group prayer, all groups will be rejoined together. Announcements and a closing prayer will follow (not applicable for June prayer meeting).

Suggestions to make this a powerful time of prayer with as little disruptions as possible

1. Please activate the MUTE function on your phone except when you are offering a prayer. (This will reduce the cumulative noise of the phone lines connected and will also allow you to use the SPEAKER PHONE function. Don't forget to turn off SPEAKER PHONE when you UNMUTE your phone to pray)

2. If you do not have a MUTE function, please do not use your SPEAKER PHONE unless you have a number of people in the room that are participating in the prayer call.

3. In humble submission, pray as you are directed to pray by the Spirit and heart of God.    

United prayer representatives  

The representatives from many parts of the world will offer prayers.