SEPTEMBER 13-17, 2017

International Adventist Prayer Convention 2017: Group Discussion Session - Spiritual Warfare and Preparation for the End Times


A Message (year 2012-2017) for adventist prayer convention


International Adventist Prayer Convention 2017 Introduction  

We earnestly long for the Second Coming of the Lord.  Since the completion of the time prophecies, people have been waiting for the foretold event for ages. However, today, from land to the sea and to the sky, the signs of the Second Advent are clearer than ever. 

The angels are now letting go of “the four winds of the earth (Rev. 7:1)” in order to bring an end to times of pain and suffering. The time, which shall end the tragedy of witnessing hundreds of thousands of people dying without hope of an everlasting future, is fast approaching. 

In this time and age, keeping in mind how “joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repents (Luke 15:7)," we wish to help facilitate a link between heaven and people, awakening them with the entrusted truth. Those who are in earnest hope for the power from heaven and wish to serve as passageways to heaven will gather together, praying for the work of the Holy Spirit. Holding tight onto the promise (Luke 11:13), we will gather to ask earnestly. 

We will gather to share the visions of our ministry of faith with one another, confirming yet again that we, as the people of heaven, do not belong here in this world. We will declare in one voice that we are moving forward according to the prophecy of God, following the light given to us, although our journey may be on a dark, narrow and rough road.  We believe, then, that our God will bestow the Holy Spirit on us. 

But even if the coming of the burning Spirit is delayed, “even if He does not (Dan. 3:18)," the people of heaven from all around the globe will come together as “we are in joy in God our Savior (Hab. 3:18)” and unite efforts to sharpen one another “as iron sharpens iron (Prov. 27:17)," to glorify our God. 

We truly desire to hasten the Second Coming of the Lord. We will follow the path which the 12 disciples and believers who prayed in the upper room. As we believe that the path of united prayer, which may seem foolish from the worldly view, leads us in the end to the promised gift of the Holy Spirit, we will gather at the general conference of the people of heaven.

Adventist Prayer Forum 2014 (APF2014)

Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion (Isaiah 52:1)

Theme: The Present Truth for Our Times

Location: Sahmyook University, Seoul, Korea

Date: November 14-16, 2014

Hosted by: Prayer Coalition / Theology Graduate School of Sahmyook University

Sponsored by: Korean Union Conference

2017 国際祈祷リバイバル集会のご案内  


「主のために道を供えよ」━━バプテスマのヨハネはキリストの初臨のとき、人々にキリストを迎える準備をさせるために悔い改めを説きました。そして、多くの人々にキリストを迎える備えをさせました。彼は、どのようにその働きに対する準備をしていたか? エレン・ホワイトは各時代の希望にこう書いています。




2017 국제재림기도인 연합성회 안내

2007년 8월 9일 미서부 야영회 기간중 범지역적 기도운동의 확산을 위해 
기도인연합이 결성된 후 컨퍼런스 네트워크 방식을 통하여 회원들이 여러 교회와 단체에서 기도 및 성경공부 모임을 진행하는 가운데 한국, 일본 그리고 미국의 회원들 중심으로 2011년 9월 18일 기도인연합성회 준비위원회가 발족되어 2012년 10월 한국 재림연수원에서 첫 기도성회를, 2013년 11월 일본 사이타마에서 제 2차 재림기도인연합성회를 일본연합회와 공동 주최하였으며 제 3차 국제재림기도인 연합성회를 2017년 9월 13일(수) – 9월 17일(일) 미국 북가주 헤르몬산 기독 컨퍼런스 센터 (Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center)에서 개최합니다.

이 시대 미스바의 회개 (삼상 7:3-17)의 경험과 성령(행 1:14,2:1-4)의 역사가 절실한 오늘 주님의 재림을 앞두고 교회의 영적각성을 고대하며 평신도와 목회자의 연합으로 시작된 연합기도운동 10주년을 기해 미주지역을 포함한 범 지역적 재림교회에 
기도운동의 확산과 주의 재림을 준비하게 하는 기도성회에 재림을 간절히 소망하는 모든 성도들을 초대합니다.